The Club

Exotic Rentals Miami

Membership begins with choosing a Membership Tier. Contact our Membership Specialist, to create a client-specific, tailored membership that caters to your driving level. We begin by designing a package that suits your needs. Either you’re the casual driver looking for a weekend getaway, the frequent driver who enjoys the adrenaline of speed, we will help you find your niche to create the perfect membership package.

Experience a Variety of Exotic & Luxury Cars with No Hassle.

We minimize the hassle by providing clientele with competitive discounts that can be used anywhere in the world at any time. Convenience to YOU is our main priority.

As an automotive enthusiast, there’s no other option available for experiencing the benefit of driving a collection of exotic cars with little to no effort. Before purchasing a new exotic vehicle, bypass the capital requirements of maintenance, wear-and-tear and storage. We offer what no other exotic car club does: customization. You pick the cars you want to drive, the features you feel you’ll use and the amount of time you’ll want to use it. The possibilities are endless! With our unique membership, your only focus is the open road in a luxury vehicle.

Once you’ve completed the initial paperwork and we’ve answered all of your questions, the road awaits.

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