Exotic Vehicles Services

VIP Treatment

Every time you rent with us, we promise the experience will be virtually effortless on your part. For longer than anyone else, we have delivered on the true “concierge” level of service when it comes to doing business with us. FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY TO ANY HOTEL, business, or home, and it means when you are done with your special time in one of our cars, you simply park it with the valet or at your location, and we handle the rest.
No headaches, and No hassles. Our Guarantee. Unmatched.

Corporate Clients

At Luxury Auto Rentals, our superior service is also available for our Corporate Clients. When you become a corporate client you receive discounted rates of 20% off from Monday through Thursday and 15% off Friday through Sunday. When in our exciting city, and you need to entertain a potential or existing client, or even yourself as an executive, we make it easy and fun. And remember, a weekend or even a day in a Ferrari or Lamborghini makes a fantastic employee incentive reward!
To open a Corporate Account, Please call for further information.

Gift Certificates

Go over the top for your special someone. We have Gift Certificates available which will make any occasion the most exciting it can be… weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement presents. We will even help your coordinate the exact timing for delivery at the right moment! talk about putting a huge smile on that face!

Studio Production

For Film Studios, Production Companies, Product Launch, Major Events, our cars make it more exciting! We can provide stunning exotic cars to meet your needs for any event, any time.

Special Events

We are accustomed to making those special times the very best they can be during your stay in South Florida. Planning a wedding, need an exciting birthday surprise, your anniversary? WE CAN HELP!


At Luxury Auto Rentals, we appreciate being part of the community. One way we express that is by giving our local customers a break when they rent from us. Inquire about special rates for our special locals.

Fort Lauderdale International Airport:

A variety of luxury rental vehicles to business travelers and vacationers looking toward the beautiful Miami coast. Fort Lauderdale International Airport Exotic Car Rental is perfect for a weekend getaway to Ocean Drive, a romantic anniversary weekend or a luxurious experience for business owners traveling to Miami in style. our vehicles often come with features that other cars simply don’t have, including leather seating, built-in navigation, premium interior lighting, heated seats, all-wheel-drive, and more. Booking Fort Lauderdale International Airport Exotic Car Rental through , clientele experience a concierge level service worthy of five stars. All of the luxury makes and models owned and available in pristine condition with low mileage and high-quality maintenance.
Luxury Wedding Rental Packages:

Sit back, relax and let us do the work. When it comes to the wedding experience, the bride and groom already have dozens of items to worry about on their checklist. From the cake, to the venue, to the dress, the bride and groom are inundated with requests and items to accomplish before their big day.
A simple, effective solution for your pre and post wedding transportation. The process is simple and can be accomplished in minutes.

What Our Clients Are Saying
Eric Zimerman

“An exceptional staff that treats all clients like VIPs, offering the hottest exotic vehicles on the market. Highly recommended!”

John Doe

“Amazing cars!! Luxury Auto Rentals is the best in town. Great service too”

Jason Smith

“Awesome cars,I loved it. They even came to pick me up.”

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